76 Projects - Adapter for HI FLOW 'No Clog' Tubeless Valves




Adapters for using between our Hi Flow valves and screw-on style pump heads.

Although High Flow valves a designed to work directly with Presta style pump heads* the high flow design means that some screw-on and push on pump heads do not fit well or at all. 
*the majority of lever lock pump heads work directly with the valve. See Hi Flow tubeless valve page for more details.

New Schrader fit, because of the respective geometries of Hi Flow and Schrader this style can be much smaller than the Presta style. If your pumps have a Schrader option this is the version we recommend. This adapter is small enough to be left on the pump heads at all times.

Original Presta fit, required if you pump only has a screw-on presta style head.


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