Bspoke Velo About Us

I was late to cycling. I didn’t fall in love with it until my mid 30s, but by the time I had I was completely obsessed. It wasn’t about being an elite athlete, and I certainly didn't want to become a professional cyclist. All the things I fell in love with were free of the pretence, arrogance, airs and graces that so often accompany people and projects within this space. It was about the ride itself. It was about long days in the saddle full of rolling hills, exhausting climbs, and thrilling down hill descents. And it was about the grind. About the fact that while the world was asleep I was out on the bitumen pushing shit uphill with sweat on my browe and a smile on my face – gettn’ it. And so all I did was ride. 

The more often I rode the more in tune I became with my equipment. And I quickly grew to value how even the slightest difference in quality could make significant a difference to the experience. It wasn’t just about shaving time off the clock. It was also about comfort in the saddle, a connection with the bike itself. A feeling that the bike was an extension of my efforts rather than something that placed greater demands on them. And so I became equally obsessed with experimentation. I went looking for premium products from passionate – almost exclusively niche – manufacturers who offered better ways to serve this passion we all shared.

As a consequence, I started importing and selling the ones I loved most. It began with Full Beam Australia, which I established in 2013 selling high end MTB and road lighting. The name itself was an offshoot of the first brand I imported, Full Beam lighting from Scotland. Now it has evolved to so much more. Bspoke Velo has grown to include computer mounts, wheels, saddles, tubes, skewers and so much more. Premium products from responsible manufacturers who share my passion for quality above profit, repair rather than rubbish. It’s why we use compostable post satchels and reused boxes when we ship your products. We’re working to continually improve our sustainability and the sustainability of the brands we support so that we can all continue climbing those lush green hills long into the future. 

Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

Anthony De Leo