76 Projects 3D Printed Enduro Garmin/Wahoo Toptube Mount




Sticks Like $%*? To a Blanket!

Self-adhesive computer mount using 3M VHB tape (very high bond)

Designed to fit onto your top tube behind your stem for maximum protection and less distraction.

Flat for flat top tubes with a minimum of 26mm wide flat area. If the top tube has a curve of more than 2mm over the 26mm then Flex is your best bet.

Flex for round and non-flat top tubs. for narrow round tubes of 35mm and lower will require some clamping in place to ensure a good bond

Supplied with alcohol wipe to clean the area to be attached to.

Manufactured in-house using our Multi Jet Fusion industrial 3D printer then shot peened for surface toughness and quality.

Recommended for smaller series computers no larger than Wahoo Element Roam, Garmin 500 series. As with any mount we recommend looping the lanyard around the frame.

IMPORTANT - Check there is clearance from the underside of bars/stem to the top tube. SEE CLEARANCE DIAGRAM

Sticks to Invisframe and AMS frame protection - others not tested.

To remove pry the mount off from one end. The adhesive pad should remain in one piece but cannot be reused. Replacement VHB pads are available here. It helps to heat with a hairdryer or leave in a warm room beforehand.

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