76 Projects 3D Printed Enduro Garmin/Wahoo Toptube Mount



Self-adhesive computer mount using 3M VHB tape (very high bond)

Designed to fit onto your top tube behind your stem for maximum protection and less distraction.


Type A for flat or slightly curved top tubes  Maximum curve of up to 3mm drop 12mm from the centre line. Most carbon and aluminium bikes require type A. The base of Type A's has a flat centre with curved 'wings' that flex to the top tube profile, including going all the way to flat.
Some customers have been surprised that the Type A has a pronounced curve to the base, be assured that it will flex to flat. Type A has a single dot on the spine.

Type B for round and heavily curved top tubes. Works on round tubes of 34mm, smaller diameters will require the mount being clamped in place overnight in order to ensure a good bond. Type B has 2 dots on the spine.

Supplied with alcohol wipe to clean the area to be attached to.

Manufactured in-house in nylon using Multi Jet Fusion additive manufacturing and shot peened for surface toughness and quality.

Will the Enduro Mount stick to frame protection coverings? Sticks to Invisframe, Dyed Bro, and AMS frame protection - others not tested.

Can I remove it without damaging paintwork? Yes, the adhesive pad comes off in one piece, like putty. See instructions section.

I ordered type A but it more curved than I expected. Will it fit my frame which has a flat top tube? Yes, the 'wings' will flex to flat. See instructions.

I had a crash and the mount broke. It's a balancing act between the mount breaking and the tabs of the computer breaking. We think it's better than the mount breaks rather than a £300 computer. Using Garmin 1000s series computers greatly increases this risk due to the extra width being exposed.

If you have an accident and the mount breaks get in touch to find about our crash replacement scheme.


When fitting the adhesive needs a temperate of at least 20 degrees C to cure properly. After fitting the mount should be left overnight before riding.

See videos in image section of install and uninstall instructions. Also available here.

Recommended for smaller series computers no larger than Wahoo Element Roam, Garmin 500 series. Larger computer are vulnerable to knee knocks. As with any mount, in case of a crash, we recommend looping the computer's tether around the top tube.

To remove, pry the mount off from one end. The adhesive pad should remain in one piece but cannot be reused. Replacement VHB pads are available here. It helps to heat with a hairdryer or leave in a warm room beforehand. 

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