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Our first ever product, back when we coined the phrase 'On Bike Storage'. keen to cut down on pre-ride faff so we could maximise our evening ride times we came up with The Piggy. As we tested it the other benefits such as lower down weight soon became apparent, we knew we were on to something.

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 Features Fits beneath a bottle cage.
Multiple mounting points enabling it fit many frame designs
Secure adjustable strap allows capacity up to 29er tube, levers, mid size multitool and CO2 inflator.
Built in storage for chain quick links.
Includes silicone strap for organising your tools and making quick switches of tools between Piggy equipped bikes.
Keeps the weight off of your back, lowers centre of gravity, doesn't foul dropper, more aerodynamic location on bike compared to traditional saddle bags.
Use your favourite water bottle cage and tools instead of being tied to a proprietary system. Cage, tube, and tools are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.
Material Injection moulded from tough glass filled nylon.
Weight 72g including strap and fixings
Supplied stainless steel fixings and silicone band as standard 

Piggy On Bike Storage Review

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