AMP - MTB Brake Pads: Shimano XTR M9100


Recycle & Save*AMP brake pads 100% recyclable. So, when your pads need replacing, simply use the provided return post satchel to SAVE 10% on your next pair of AMP brake pads. Click the HERE to learn more.

True braking power.

- Better heat flow: ride faster without heating.

- Better vibrations properties: ride in silence. Even more silence with ceramic compound.

- 25% lighter than traditional pads.

  • Shimano XT/XTR/SLX/Alfine: 15.5g
  • Shimano XTR M9000: 13.7g
  • SRAM Level: 13.9g
  • Formula Cura/Mega/The One: 14.8g

- Works with every discs*. If you switch the pads material (for example, if you switch from resin pads to metallic pads), we highly recommend you to change your discs.

Sold by pair. Spring included.

*some discs are "Resin pads only". Do not use any other material on them.


We offer two compounds :

Organic : Suitable for soft riding. Quick bedding in.

Ceramic : Ultimate performance. Extreme braking power with excellent vibration dissipation. Perfect for long runs and powerful braking. Recommended for wet conditions and e-Bikes.


Shimano XTR M9100 :

  • - Shimano XTR M9100

Not compatible with Shimano XTR M9120

    AMP Brake Pads Review

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