Alpitude - Gardena Saddle



A modern saddle for modern riders. Short fit design. Ergonomic shapes. Light weights. This is our first saddle: Gardena 

Gardena saddle is 100% handcrafted in our workshop in Italy. Designed in all aspects. Gardena saddle  allows both aggressive riding and mid-long rides. A specific cut-out and a the big front hollow to reduces perianal pressure to maximum levels.

A 3D printed light weight combo kit for lights and gopro is designed perfectly with the saddle.


Weight From 67g

3K twill, UD, 1K, 6K


128 mm, 140 mm, 150 mm

Combo kit?

No, Yes

Max Rider Weight 85kg
Max Payload Combo Kit 250g
Rails 7 x 9 mm 
Nose Width 40 - 50 mm 
Length 245 mm 

67 grams (+-5%) – 128 mm   –  +5 gr circa for UD,1K, 6K option

70 grams (+-5%) – 140 mm  –   +5 gr for UD, 1K, 6K option

73 grams (+-5%) – 150 mm –   +5 gr for UD, 1K, 6K option

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