CRUEL Components Light Weight Front Road/Gravel Thru Axles

$62.48 $124.95

“When the small details make the difference.”
The jewel of the Cruel catalogue are our light weight thru axles. All hanks to the aerospace grade titanium Ti 6Al-4V (grade 5), and a very refined production technique, exquisite materials and artisan workmanship. Our patented torquing system utilizing T25 Torx bolt providing the most secure fitment choice for anyone who simply wants the best.
Our meticulous attention to detail is visible in our engraved logos and in the ingress protection cap. We  produce unique components that combine light weight and performance, well above the standard.
Cruel components Thru Axles are popular all over the world for their patented torquing system, that guarantees a safe, precise and reliable mounting thanks to the torx t25 titanium bolt and eliminates the possibility of damage to the axle during frequent assembling/disassembling.
Thru Axles are available in several standards, constantly updated, and in different anodized colours, providing all customers the chance to improve the performance and the aesthetics of their bike.

Material: Alu 7075-t6 + Ti 6Al-4V + Delrin

Torquing systemTi 6Al-4V Bolt Torx T25, 8 NM max

Material: Alu 7075-t6 + Ti 6Al-4V + Delrin

Torquing system: Ti 6Al-4V Bolt Torx T25, 8 NM max
  • 35grams for 15mm diameter non-RAT
  • 40 grams for 15mm RAT
  • 29 grams for 12mm non-RAT
  • 34 grams for 12mm RAT

Made in Italy

RockShox Road 15mm 124mm 1.5
Fox Road 15mm 140mm 1.5
Road 119 12mm 119mm 1.5
Road 121 12mm 121mm 1
Road 122 12mm 122.5mm 1.75
Road 126 12mm 126mm 1.5
Rat 127 12mm 127mm -
Rat 140 12mm 140mm -
Rat 155 15mm 155mm -

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