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Miss Grape – Tendril 10.7 Waterproof

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Miss Grape - Internode 2 WaterproofDescription

Tendril 10.7 is a fully waterproof handlebar bag (Waterproof).
It can be mounted with both Drop Bar and MTB handlebars.


With a focus on repairable, sustainable, and ethical design, every Miss Grape bag is handmade in Italy using a tear-proof material knowns as nylon 420. In doing so, each bag becomes a forever purchase with a lifetime warranty, specifically designed for repair rather than replacement. And by adopting stringent European chemical regulation guidelines, Miss Grape ensure a high level of safety for both human health and the environment. Welcome to the last bike bag you’ll every purchase.

Technical Specifications

  • The fabric is a black 210 nylon coated with phthalate-free PVC;
  • Reinforcement fabric in nylon 420/ polyester 300 dotted with water-repellent polyurethane resin;
  • Custom polypropylene straps, black/green and black colour;
  • Nylon plastic accessories;
  • Tendril 10.7 bag is produced in Italy and certified according to Reach CE . 1097/2006.

Suggestions for Use

The Tendril 10.7 is designed to hold everything overnight.
Sleeping bag, mattress, inflatable pillow, clothing, extra food.

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Min Length 34 cm
Max. Width 70 cm
Diametre 18 cm
Min. Vol
10 ltrs
Max. Vol
17 ltrs
Weight 396g

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