Morsa - Polar Cycling Computer & Camera/Light


Polar Cycling Computer & Camera/Light

Mount your Cycling Computer and Camera or Light Out front and Center using just One mounting arm. Mount features a GoPro style 3 Tab adapter with M5 threaded insert. Slide and Rotate the Computer to the Optimum Viewing Angle and position your camera or light below the bars and out of harms way.

Works with POLAR® M460 and V650 series computers and all GoPro® Hero Cameras, Action Cameras and Cycling lights.

Mounting Arm

  • Mount up to Two devices on one Mounting Arm
  • Mount your devices out-front or behind the bars
  • Rotate and slide your devices to multiple positions
  • Free up bar space with only one mount for all your devices
  • Buy only one mount and save money
  • No need to buy new mounts for new devices
  • Strong, light, and shock absorbing
  • Fits all 31.8mm diameter bars
  • Torque not to exceed 1.6Nm/14inlbs

Cycling Computer Adapter

  • Works with POLAR® M460 and V650 series computers.
  • Slide and Rotate: Slide and Rotate your computer to most positions.
  • Eliminate Glare: Rotate your computer to Eliminate Glare.
  • Optimize the Viewing Angle: Rotate and Slide the computer to your Optimum-Viewing Angle.
  • Torque not to exceed 1.6Nm/14inlbs
Cycling Camera & Light Adapter
  • Camera & Light Adapter works with all GoPro® Hero Cameras and Action Cameras and Cycling Lights with a Two Tab interface and M5 Bolt.
  • Lights require an Two Tab adapter to connect to our adapter like the K-Edge aluminum adapter.
  • Positions your Camera or Light Out front and Center
  • Camera can be mounted facing forward or backwards
  • Rotate and Slide your Camera to capture different views
  • Mounts Upside down or Right side up
  • Torque not to exceed 1.6Nm/14inlbs.
Made from a CARBON composite Nylon
Weight 54g
Designed, Engineered and Made in the U.S.A

Mounting Arm

  • Mount onto the handle bar to the left or right of the stem and tighten with a 3mm Hex wrench.
  • Torque not to exceed 1.6Nm/14inlbs.


  • Remove the bolt and washer from the adapter and install into the mounting arm slot.
  • Thread on the adapter with the washer on the opposite side flush against the bolt head.
  • Torque to no more than 1.6Nm/14inlbs using a Hex wrench.
  • Apply a small amount of Blue LOCTITE® #242 to the threads of the adapter bolt if needed to keep it from coming loose.

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