Nox Sox

Nox Sox Small Pedal Covers

$19.98 $39.95


Nox Sox now has an all new size, perfect for Clipless Pedals such as Road Look style and Mountain bike pedals up to Shimano Trail size.

Even though your pedals don't have sharp pins sticking out doesn't mean they can't cause damage to anything they could bump into, so keep all your other bikes and possessions safe from damage with a set of Nox Sox Pedal Covers.

For Larger Pedals like Flat Pinned ones or Larger Clipless Pedals such as Crank Brothers Mallets check out Nox Sox Large Pedal Covers.

Simple and effective!


  • High quality Neoprene made to last
  • Two poppers per cover keeps them firmly on
  • Quick on and quick off
  • UK made down in Cornwall, where they know a thing or two about neoprene
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Available in Small or Large size

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