Proteam - Clean & Cure Sealant

$27.48 $54.95


Made in the Netherlands

The Clean and Cure Sealant is a waterborne, easily processable sealant based on Silicon dioxide (SiO₂), the active ingredient in our hydro coatings.

This sealant can be used as a light cleaner and as a protective water and dirt-repellent layer. It is designed to remove dried water stains and very light soiling and provides a protective layer on the paint of the bicycle. Safe on all Gloss and Matte finishes.

If the Clean and Cure Sealant is used over our Hydro Coating, it will considerably extend the life of the Hydro Coating. (Up to and including 1 year!)

The Clean and Cure Sealant can also be used as “stand alone” paint protection. The service life of this sealant is approximately 2 months and can also be used on both matte and gloss frames and parts.

Clean and Cure Sealant is extremely economical to use.

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