Proteam - Degrease & Clean

$57.48 $114.95


Made in the Netherlands

Degrease & Clean is a deep-cleaning alkaline multi-cleaner and degreaser. This cleaner is completely “label free”, biodegradable and not harmful or irritating to people and the environment! It is PH neutral at a mixing ratio of 1:50.

It does not leave any residue after rinsing. It is very highly concentrated, extremely economical in use and can be mixed with tap water up to 1:50. Up to 50 bottles of “ready-to-use” can be mixed from 1 bottle of 500 ml. So it is extremely economical to use! No unnecessary transport of water in ready-to-use packaging.

The extra bottle with the professional adjustable sprayer shows the mixing ratios.

This universal and biodegradable water-based cleaner / degreaser is suitable for almost all applications, such as cleaning/degreasing, for example, chain, cassette, sprockets, disc brakes, frame, wheels etc.

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