Proteam - Hydro Coating

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Made in the Netherlands

The award-winning Proteam Hydro Coating is an innovative coating which is applied to the frame and components. It is a paint protection like no other on the market and is groundbreaking by the Silicon dioxide (SiO₂) technology.

This coating has been specifically developed for bicycles. This coating will protect your precious bike against the elements for about two years. The water and dirt repellent properties of the coating ensure that your bike stays cleaner and much easier to wash. If our Proteam Clean and Cure Sealant is used over this Hydro Coating, this will considerably extend the life of the coating. (Up to and including 1 year!)

Safe on all Gloss and Matte finishes. Will not alter the gloss level of matte finishes.

Safe on raw carbon fibre finishes

Available in 2 volumes;

✓ Hydro Coating 15ml.
✓ Hydro Coating 50ml.

15ml Hydro Coating is suitable for coating one complete bicycle once.

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frame protection proteam hydro coating

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TESTED: Proteam Bicycle Care Hydrocoating Set

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