Proteam - Hydro Coating Pro Set

$399.95 $799.90


Made in the Netherlands

This Pro package contains enough material to fully handle a minimum of 7 bicycles. This package is intended for professionals and / or a group of cyclists who all want to coat their bikes.

By purchasing this set you ensure yourselve that you have all the necessary materials in-house. Everything packed in a sturdy, professional Stanley work bag to always keep everything neatly together.

2 x  Proteam Hydro Coating 50 ml.
2 x  Degreaser 500 ml.
7 x Shampoo 200 ml.
5 x  Microfibre cloths
50 x  Soft Applicators
6 x 

Pair of Nitrile foam Re-usable Gloves

1 x 

Sturdy, professional Stanley workbag

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frame protection proteam hydro coating

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TESTED: Proteam Bicycle Care Hydrocoating Set

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