Proteam - Hydro Coating Set

$69.95 $139.90


Made in the Netherlands

In this set you will find everything to protect your precious bike against the elements.

The Degreaser ensures that no grease or contamination remains, which means that applying the Proteam Hydro Coating will run smoothly.

The Hydro Coating ensures that your bike becomes water and dirt repellent, you use the degreaser as preparation for the coating and the application / removal is carried out with the applicators and microfiber cloths.

The Foam and Fix shampoo in this set is used to wash your bike and to support the coating in its hydrophobic properties.

✓ Proteam Hydro Coating 15 ml.
✓ Degreaser 200 ml.
✓ Shampoo 200 ml.
✓ 2 microfiber cloths.
✓ 10 Soft applicators.
✓ 4 Nitrile Gloves.

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frame protection proteam hydro coating

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TESTED: Proteam Bicycle Care Hydrocoating Set

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