Raceware - Garmin Integrated Mount + Hidden Bell For Cannondale Knot/Save Bars



This is a 3D Printed Garmin mount suitable for the Edge 130, 200, 500, 510, 520, 530, 820, 830, 1000 and 1030 models and designed to work with the Cannondale Knot Bars found on the Super Six and Systemsix bikes.

This mount also incorporates a discreet bell held underneath two help keep you safe and for some countries keep you legal

It is produced  from Nylon using 3D printing and attaches to the two location bolt holes under the stem, the bolts are also provided.

Please note if you have a larger garmin such as 1000 or 1030 you need to order the XL model from the drop down.


Colour:  Black

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