Schmolke - Expander SL



Made in Germany

Stearing tube inner diameter 21 mm – 25.2 mm
Cap diameter 32 mm
Casing material:7075 T6
Weight including carbon cap and aluminum bolt: 16g

Superlight (SL) aluminum Expander with aluminum bolt weighing 16g only. Works for all carbon and aluminum steering tubes ranging from 21mm up to 25.2 mm diameter.


Remove the screw and carbon cap of the Expander and install the red Expander cylinder into the fork tube using an 8mm Allen key. Tighten up to 4 – 6 Nm depending on the type of fork. Then reinstall the Expander screw and carbon cap and adjust the headset with a maximum torque of 2 Nm. Now tighten the 2 bolts of the stem according to stem according to the stems Nm limitation.




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