Schmolke – TLO carbon seatpost for folding bike

schmolke  TLO carbon seatpost for folding bikeOrdering

Made in Germany

Our seatposts are reinforced where they are stressed by the seat clamp, hence their range of adjustment is limited. Do not buy a long seatpost to cut it to size. We want to adjust strength and length of your seatpost to your requirements as good as possible; hence we need the seatpost length as measured from the top of the frame to the middle of the saddle’s rails.

Weave options

TLO seatpostes can be ordered in 1k or UD weave. 1k is the classic carbon look with biaxially woven fibres. UD (unidirectional) describes a more subtle all-black “non-woven” carbon look where all fibres run in one direction. In general UD carbon parts will be a few grams heavier compared to their 1k counterparts.


To allow the perfect match for your bike, all TLO seatposts are available in 2 different logo colour options: black edition and standard red/white team edition


Download installation manual TLO road seatpost

Download installation manual TLO MTB seatpost

Length  500mm, 550mm, 600mm
Weave 1k, UD
Rider Weight 0-75kg, 76-95kg, 96-110kg
Colour Black Edition, Team Edition Red/White

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