Upstand Mounting Tab

$6.43 $12.85

Upstand Attachment Tab


Product Description

The Upstand attachment tab that allows you to connect your Upstand to your bicycle. 


Most all bikes have a standard quick release, which is our standard tab (chosen by default). A standard quick release is when you just flip open the lever and the wheel drops out of the bottom of your bike. That’s a standard quick release and what our standard tab size is for. This will be for most applications. Example:


For non-standard quick releases: If you need to use a wrench to unbolt your rear wheel, you will want a 10mm tab. Example: install-hub-kit3

 Thru Axles: If you go to your rear axle, open the lever and the skewer (bar going through the wheel) is bigger than the diameter of a straw, you will need to order a 10 or 12mm tab. Not a standard. Other than that, it would be a standard tab. Example of a possible thru axle: 

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