The Commuter Upstand (non-folding)

$29.98 $59.95


Made in the USA

The Commuter was designed with the commuter in mind. No need to fold and stow away, but simply store on the included Upclip underneath the water bottle cage! The Commuter is designed for touring bikes, tandems and all those that don’t need the foldability of the original Upstand, while still maintaining its 32 gram weight. The Commuter is constructed from the same custom carbon fiber made in the USA as the original Upstand.

Please choose the size Upstand you need below. The majority of bikes will use a standard Upstand with a standard sized tab. If your bike has 26″/700 wheels or around this number, then you should choose the standard. Otherwise, please choose the size based on your wheel size. 


The commuter upstand is NOT RECOMMENDED for bikes with a fully loaded weight, including the weight of the bike of 16kg. 

Any warranty will be void if used on bikes with weights above this. 

There are multiple listings here for different sized Upstands. If you are unsure of which size is best for your setup, please contact us at australia.fullbeam@gmail.com and we’ll help you out! 

Whats In The Package:

  • Commuter Upstand
  • Attachment Tab
  • Upclip Storage Clip

Please Note that if your bike has a Thru Bolt Axle or Fixed Hub we now have 10mm and 12mm Attachment Tabs available.  Click here for extra Tabs

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