76 Projects - A.S.S. Anti Strap System



Strapless quick release system for top tube bags/bento boxes/fuel pods. Made in the UK.

A.S.S. Slider

Replaces top tube straps

  • Bonds* to the top tube OR screws directly to bosses

  • Slide on/off quick-release - ideal for taking your valuables with you

  • 2 piece - 1 attaches to top tube, 1 attaches to bag

  • Works Supercharge Your Top Tube Bag

    with bolt-on bags and others which can be easily converted**

No headtube strap required for small bags / bento boxes. Large bags may require use of the headtube strap or ASS Clip

*Using the supplied custom cut VHB tape - successfully used on thousands of our ENDURO mounts

** Instruction on converting non-bolt-on bags can be found online, in our experience stiffer bags are better for conversions.

A.S.S. Slider Instructions

A.S.S. Clip

Replaces headtube strap

  • 2 Piece - One attaches to bag and one replaces a 10mm stem spacer

  • No interference with stem

  • Increases stability

  • No rubbing

  • Quick-release

  • Works with all loose straps and many fixed ones***

*** Does not work with straps which have buckles

A.S.S. Clip Instructions

Do I Need And Clip If I’m Using The Slider?

It really depends on the bag and what you’re putting in it. A Tri orientated bento box will likely not need the clip. A huge 1.5L top tube bags full of electronics will need a clip. Tall bags will likely need a clip, bags with little stiffening will likely need a clip.


Made in the UK

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