76 Projects - Inline Pump Mount


For OneUp EDC Pump

Universal stick-on or bolt-on mounting to the centre line of your frame.

Bolt-on - Pop out the slot covers and directly mounts to frame bosses (standard 64mm spacing with 5mm of adjustment).
Ideal for the under top tube bosses seen on recent bikes from Forbidden, Deviate, Transition, Nukeproof and other brands.

Stick-on - Uses a flexible base and VHB adhesive to attach to any bike frame*.
Inspired by our ASS slider and Enduro mounts the stick on version sticks like sh*t to a blanket but can be removed without damaging paintwork.
*Flat to minimum tube diameter of 34mm.

Made from tough Nylon.
21g (plus mounting screws).
Designed and Manufactured in the UK.

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