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76 Projects - Ultra Distance TT Mount



Compatible With The Garmin External Battery Pack

Made in the UK.

A special version of our unique 3-way adjustable TT computer mount for those who ride far and fast.

  • 3-way adjustability allows the mount to be located wherever you want on the aero extensions.

  • For width 100mm c/c to 140mm between extensions. Spacers and extra screws provided to allow fine-tuning. 2x2mm, 2x3mm, 2x5mm, 2x10mm.

  • Attaches to bars with rubber-coated velcro straps for easy adjustment.

  • Designed to work with Garmin 530, 830 & 1030 which directly connect to the Garmin external battery pack. Other Garmins may be charged using a USB cable to the battery pack (the mount head should be mounted backwards to create clearance for this.

  • When not using the battery, devices may be attached using the Quick Release Accessory Mount 

    *Mount only. Computer and battery not included.

    **The battery pack should be mounted in the orientation shown.



The Modular mount has a replaceable insert for the computer allowing you to switch if you should change computer brand. The base of the modular mount will accept the camera or light modules.

The Race mount does not have the replaceable insert or the ability to accept camera or light mounts.

Both mounts feature the feet and spacers giving 3 way adjustability.



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