Tubo MTB  Plus Tube

Extra pluses: Optimized for 29+ and 27.5+ tires with 2.5”-3.0”widths, Tubo-MTB-Plus tubes also meet the E-MTB standard. Due to their low rotational weight – at only 105g – they save you leg power or your e-bike’s battery life and defend against punctures.

The Tubo MTB Plus product line is optimised for tyre widths from 2.5" to 3.0" - which is today's standard for E-MTBs. The light weight of 105 g (27.5"+) increases your battery life. Also a lightweight alternative for tubeless riders.

Also with the Plus version more than 100 g per impeller can be saved compared to standard butyl tubes, at almost half the size of the pack size. The puncture protection is twice as high as for standard tubes in terms of the penetration maximum protection against a flat tire. The assembly is just as comfortable as with butyl products. Tubolito tubing is a lightweight alternative for tubeless rider.

Puncture sealants and repair sprays may be used with Tubolito to increase puncture resistance, ie vittoria.

Designed, developed and made in Austria
Tubolito Tubes made of the high-tech Thermoplast material can resist forces twice as much as standard tubing. The material can be stretched more than four times, giving maximum protection before a flat tyre.

Tubolito tubes tried and tested
  The puncture protection is twice as high when compared to standard tubes.



Material: Thermoplast
Valve Type: Presta (SV)

  27.5 29
Weight 105g 110g
Tyre Width 2.5-3.0" 2.5-3.0"
Valve 42mm SV Orange 42mm SV Orange

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