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Speedy Shift

Made in Italy

"Your SRAM... faster and more accurate than ever"

We have worked for a long time on this project, as, our intent was right from the start, to provide a product with long lasting performance and durability superior to any similar component today on the market.

To ensure maximum performance, we have studied every detail:

  • The body is made of 7075-T6 Aluminium (Ergal) with the iconic logos engraved and then anodized.
  • The bearing made in Japan Ezo by Sapporo in stainless steel, combined with the Zerofactory treatment, gives Speedy Shift the maximum qualities in terms of smoothness and resistance to oxidization even under severe conditions
  • The two Delrin washers, asymmetrical, have been meticulously designed with the specific intent to totally shield the bearing from external contaminants.
  • Weight? only 8 grams for a jewel available in 5 brilliant colours.

Material: Alu 7075-T6
Stainless steel bearing, double shield made in Japan
Ezo by Sapporo with Zerofactory treatment

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