REVOLOOP – race ultra


Recycle & SaveRevoloop Tubes 100% recyclable. So, when your tubes need replacing, simply use the provided return post satchel to SAVE 10% on your next Revoloop tube purchase. Click the HERE to learn more.


Made in Germany

The REVOLOOP.race ultra is the lightest bicycle tube in the Developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, this hose doesn't compromise. With a weight of just 25 grams, it saves around 50% compared to conventional butyl hoses. The specific material coordination of the thermoplastic polyurethane gives this hose its unique latex-like rolling comfort and minimizes the rolling resistance. For a few watts of extra freedom!

The valve, made of particularly impact-resistant and break-proof thermoplastic, is ahead of its time. Minimum weight is paired with maximum performance. A specially designed valve base prevents damage to the tube from sharp edges on the valve bore.

Aerocoach Tube Test

Aerocoach tested the rolling resistance performance of the best competing inner tube manufactures and found Revoloop Race Ultra to be one of the top performing inner tubes. Rolling resistances is simply the amount of energy you expend cycling against the equipment you use. A high rolling resistance will require more power to travel at the same speed, whilst low rolling resistance requires less power. And Reveloop Race Ultra requires much less power than most of the competition. 


ETRTO 18-28 / 622
Inch 28 x 0.7 - 1.1
Sclaverand / Presta  40
Size 700c

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