Schmolke - Carbon Bar Plugs



Made in Germany

We offer special all carbon fibre bar plugs for all our handlebars, be it for the road or MTB or the time trial bars, TLO or SL version. The visible cover plate comes in exactly the same fibre structure as all our bars, making the plug the perfect finishing touch in exactly the right size. You may also use these plugs with aluminium bars of course. All carbon bar plugs come in a special Schmolke Carbon box which also makes them a great gift.ed.




Diameter SL MTB bar plug UD ø18/22 mm, TLO MTB bar plug UD ø21/22 mm, TLO MTB bar plug 1k ø21/22 mm, SL MTB bar plug 1k ø18/22 mm, TLO/SL roadbars with bartape ø21/25 mm, TLO/SL roadbars without bartape ø22/24 mm, Bar plug for triathlon bars ø23/24 mm, Bar Plug ø24,5/27,5 mm, FullOver-roadbars with bartape ø24,5/28,5 mm, FullOver-roadbars without bartape ø26/27,5 mm

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