Schmolke – Roadbars Oversize Compact TLO


Schmolke Roadbars Oversize Compact TLODescription:

Made in Germany

The obvious advantage of this oversized carbon handlebar is its middle section’s larger diameter. This results in a considerably stiffer drop bar. In addition to that, its wide and flat top makes for an ergonomic and comfortable grip when riding with your hands on the tops. The flat section design is also more aerodynamic than the round-section version with its larger frontal area. With its drop and reach of 138 mm and 92 mm respectively, this full carbon handlebar is also designed with ergonomics in mind for both the drop and the hood position. In addition to that, the handlebar comes with recessed cable grooves on its underside. The radiuses of the side parts follow the well proven design of the Compact series. The drops effectively raise the brake hoods, the levers are easier to reach, with small hands in particular. When riding on the hoods the horizontal forward part of the drop makes for an unbroken line with the hoods.

Our TLO series is manufactured by hand to specifically suit your weight and riding style, using the best carbon fibre prepeg available. This, together with a further refined layering plan with less layers, results in yet another reduction of weight. Stems with 31.8 mm clamping diameter including those with four clamping bolts may be used.
These thin walled handlebars may be completed with our custom made oversize carbon shifter clamps and carbon bar plugs.


Keep in mind that we measure our road bars from the outside to the outside. Our handlebars as standard are not made to be used with triathlon or time trial bars. If you want to use one of our bars with aero bars, please tell us when placing your order. The necessary strengthening will add some 8 g to the bar’s weight.

Weave options

TLO handlebars can be ordered in 1k or UD weave. 1k is the classic carbon look with biaxially woven fibres. UD (unidirectional) describes a more subtle all-black “non-woven” carbon look where all fibres run in one direction. In general UD carbon parts will be a few grams heavier compared to their 1k counterparts.

Installation Manual Roadbar Oversize without time trial clip ons

Installation Manual Roadbar Oversize with time trial clip ons


Weight N/A
Width 420 mm (outside), 440 mm (outside)
Rider Weight up to 75 kg, 76 to 95 kg, 96 to 110 kg
Time Trial Clip on Ready No
Weave 1K, UD

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