Schmolke – Spare Parts Seatpost TLO


Schmolke Seatpost SLDescription

Made in Germany

Here you can order all the original TLO seatpost spareparts.

Please note: The TLO seatpost cradle comes in two different sizes. Your actual seatpost tube diameter will not automatically determine the required cradle size. To determine which size you need please take another seatpost (27,2 or 31.7) and hold it up against the place where the cradle should sit to determine your required cradle diameter.

Weight N/A
Spare Parts Titanium screw TLO mid M5 x 45mm, Cradle 27.2, Cradle 31.6, Pin 27.2, Pin 31.6, Titanium Screw TLO long M5 x 50mm, Titanium Screw TLO short M5 x 40mm, Yoke

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